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Built of native limestone in 1908 using a Carnegie endowment, the original library is now joined by an addition build in 1992. Featuring original oak columns and oak woodwork, the library has a very inviting atmosphere. Our unique library was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1983.

There are two entrances to the library – one on the east side and a second handicap-accessible entrance on the north side. Our book and video return is next to the north entrance.

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Inclement Weather Policy

In an effort to maintain the well-being of the patrons and staff at the Humboldt Public Library, and to eliminate confusion as to whether the library should remain open or closed due to hazardous conditions, the Humboldt Public Library will observe the same weather-related closings and early closings as the local school district. The intent of this policy is to promote safety and an unambiguous course of action regarding inclement weather closures.

In addition to the safety of employees, it is important that patrons of all ages not risk travel to the library during potentially dangerous weather conditions. It is hoped that by publicizing the library’s weather policy and consistently following the school district’s closure declarations, the decision-making process is simplified, timely, and consistent, in addition to being well-defined for the community to know when to expect library closures.

Weather forecasts may be inaccurate due to unpredictable weather conditions. The library’s policy to follow school closures errs on the side of safety and consistency for our community.

It is possible that the library may also close due to inclement or dangerous weather conditions when school is not in session. Such closures will be at the discretion of the director.

If you ever have any questions, please call us at 332-1925 before visiting the library.