Programs and Events


Visit the library and enjoy Music and Mocha every Friday from November 8th through February 14th.  During the hours of 10 am – 2 pm, we’ll be serving coffee, hot chocolate, and cider while light jazz music plays in the background.  Stop in and enjoy a very relaxing time at your HPL!


“Why don’t you join the Navy with me?” It was the summer of 1944 when Madalyn Swearingen literally answered the call to serve. Madalyn was working in Des Moines when she received a call from her friend, Ruth Campbell Dockry, informing her that she had signed up to join the Navy WAVES. During the phone call, Ruth suggested to her, “Why don’t you join the navy with me?” Madalyn’s response to the sudden proposal was, “I guess I will.” The two young women immediately marched down to the office where they signed up, after only taking pause to send a telegram to Madalyn’s parents informing them of the sudden change in Madalyn’s life.

Madalyn attended Humboldt High School where she graduated alongside her classmates in 1940. She then attended Drake University in Des Moines for two years to obtain her teaching certificate. Madalyn taught for only two years before she bravely answered the call to serve her country.

This month we are very fortunate to have a display up at the Library, which features a WWII collection brought to us by Martha Schmidt and Diane Amundson from the Humboldt County Historical Museum.

This display goes along splendidly with our Humboldt Reads! novel: Stars Over Clear Lake written by Loretta Ellsworth. Ellsworth is scheduled to do an author’s visit on Wednesday, October 16th at 5:30 P.M. located here at the Library as a part of a fundraiser put together by the Humboldt Public Library Foundation. The event is free, but a free will donation is appreciated, as the Library Foundation strives to reach and deliver impartial assistance to the individuals of the Humboldt Community by gifting the key to information through books, agendas, and many other resources.

*Pictured below is Madalyn Swearinger and Linda Clasen, President of the Humboldt Public Library Foundation, posed with her uniform that is on display at the Library.*