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Humboldt Reads!

An informal dinner and book discussion.

Please join us for our October Humboldt Reads!

This month’s selection is Sentenced to Life: The Mark Becker Story by Joan Becker.

Travel with one heartbroken family as they struggle to find help for their son, face unspeakable tragedy, receive unexpected forgiveness, and deal with the aftermath of a child whose mental health issued ended in calamity … and transformation.  Discover the confidence that buoys author Joan Becker and her family as they push for reform in the broken mental health system before more lives are ruined.  Their story offers hope, help, and heartfelt compassion.

“On June 24, 2009, Parkersburg, Iowa, lost a pillar of its tight-knit community. Joan and Dave Becker lost a dear friend – as well as the hopes and dreams they held for their middle son, Mark. In ‘Sentenced to Life’ Joan Becker portrays one family’s journey down the dark corridor of mental illness. The result is a chilling and compelling account of the events that led to the tragic outcome of that horrific morning. The anguish and sense of helplessness Becker chronicles shine a bright light on a failed mental health system in hopes of preventing similar catastrophes.”
Vin Cannemela ESPN e:60 Producer, Heartland.

Joan Becker lives in rural Iowa with her husband of 35 years, David Becker. They have three sons, Brad (Jackie), Scott (Nikki), and Mark. Joan is committed to following her passion to advocate for individuals who have mental illness. She and Dave believe God wants them to share their family’s story about Mark and the experience their family had of coping with Paranoid Schizophrenia in the hope that it will help other families, caregivers, and professionals understand how they can make a difference in moving forward and improving our mental health system.

Thursday, October 19th, 5:30 pm at Pasquale’s in Humboldt, IA.  Attendees pay for their meal choice.

No pre-registration or monthly commitment is required.

Attend Humboldt Reads! and you are welcome to a copy of the book by stopping in the library and requesting a copy after joining our discussion.

Please click here for a PDF flyer.

If you have questions,
please call Julie Larsen
at the Humboldt Public Library.

Special Programs and Events


Topic: Growing Peonies
Monday, September 25
6:00 PM at the Humboldt County Extension Office

The topic of our Fall Gardening Workshop will be Growing Peonies.  Yvonne McCormick, Extension Horticulturist, will share with participants information on growing these beautiful, striking flowers.  Learn how to plant, grow and care for this stunning flower.  Program length is approximately 1.5 hrs.

Please register by calling the library (332-1925), or email Julie at: by Friday, September. 22.

Please click here for a PDF flyer.

Display Case Exhibit


This month the display case at the Humboldt Public Library features schools in Humboldt, past and present.  Pictures include the first school in Humboldt (built around 1870), “Old Stoney,” Humboldt College and present-day schools.  Other items include an antique pencil case, a book showing Humboldt County country schools and a postcard showing an old school in Dakota City.  Stop in to take a look and reminisce!  Next to the display you can write down a fond memory of your time in the schools of Humboldt!


Quilt of the Month


The Humboldt Public Library has a quilt on display that is a raffle sponsored by Our Savior’s Lutheran Women’s Quilt Raffle.  Proceeds benefit the “Blessing to the Nation” Mission School-Scott & Elga Broughton in Ahuas, Honduras.  Raffle tickets can be purchased at the church.