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Humboldt Reads!

An enjoyable hour with an informal dinner and interactive book discussion!

Please join us for our July Humboldt Reads!  It will be held on Thursday, July 19, 5:30 pm at Pasquales in Humboldt, IA.  Attendees pay for their meal choice, and no pre-registration or monthly commitment is required.

This month’s selection is The Boys in the Bunkhouse by Dan Barry.

“The people of Atalissa will tell you right off: Those Henry’s boys never complained.  They’d mingle at the coffee hour after church, or browse at the minimart, or eat another community supper in the fire station, some of them prattling on about county fairs and NASCAR and Hawkeyes football.  But they never whined.  Never said boo about living in the same building and doing the same work at the same pay year after year.

But why didn’t the men complain?  It is the same facile questions that arises in cases of domestic violence, workplace harassment, and school-yard bullying.  The question comes from a position of doubt, at a safe distance: Sure, these guys had – what’s it called now?  Right. So these guys had “intellectual disability.”  But how would that stop them from complaining if they were being mistreated?

One answer could be that the bunkhouse boys believed that they had nowhere else to go.”

Note:  Please return your copy by its due date so others may enjoy this month’s selection.  Attend Humboldt Reads! and you are welcome to a copy of the book by stopping in the library and requesting a copy after joining our discussion.

Please click here for a PDF flyer.

If you have questions,
please call Julie Larsen
at the Humboldt Public Library.


Programs and Events

The Hanson Family Show

They will be performing Tuesday, June 19 @1:00. This event will be held at Taft Elementary School. This event is part of the Summer Reading Program. To register, parents can stop in the library and sign up for summer reading. The event is open to all ages. Teens and adults of all ages will enjoy seeing The Hanson Family! They engage with the audience before and after the show, letting children (and adults) try their juggling items. An event that you won’t want to miss …. Unicycles and juggling at the same time! The Hanson Family is from Kanawha, Iowa and are a highly-sought-after group for all area libraries. They have also performed during the half-time show for The Harlem Globetrotters. Stop in the library, sign up for summer reading and register for this fun event!

Please click here for a YouTube video about the Hanson Family Show!

Display Case Exhibit


We have something a little different in the display case this month at the Humboldt Public Library. If you need a little something to brighten your day, come in for a good laugh!


Quilt of the Month


This appropriate quilt on display in the library this month is on loan from Beverly Pooch-Allbaugh and is called the Red, White, and Blue Sparkle.