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Humboldt Reads!

May Humboldt Reads!

An enjoyable hour with an informal dinner and interactive book discussion!

Please join us for our May Humboldt Reads!  It will be held on Thursday, May 16th, 5:30 pm, at Vinny’s BBQ in Dakota City, IA.  Attendees pay for their meal choice, but no pre-registration or monthly commitment is required.

This month’s selection is Sleeping in My Jeans by Connie King Leonard.

Book Info:

“Sixteen-year old Mattie Rollins is homeless.  Stuck living in the family’s beloved, beat-up station wagon with her mom and little sister, she is forced to grow up fast in a cold, new world.  Spending her days struggling through high school and her nights afraid of what lurks outside the car, she still has hope for their future … until her mom disappears.

Stranded on the street with no money, a dying cell phone, and a frightened kid sister, Mattie must find the strength to locate her mom and bring her family back together, no matter the cost.

In her fearless debut novel, Connie King Leonard confronts the harsh realities of teenage homelessness and raises urgent questions about what it means to live – not just survive – in circumstances beyond your control.

“Page after page of unforgettable characters and a sobering heartfelt look at the sudden onset of childhood homelessness.” – Brenda Woods, Corretta Scott King Honor-winning author of The Red Rose Box.”

Attend Humboldt Reads! and you are welcome to a copy of the book by stopping in the library and requesting a copy after joining our discussion at Vinny’s.

Please click here for a PDF flyer.

If you have questions,
please call Julie Larsen
at the Humboldt Public Library.


Date: Thursday, June 20th
Time: 5:30 pm
Location: At the Library in the Springvale Room

Requirements: Choose to read any Joanne Fluke book and make a recipe to share from the book that you read — it can be a dessert, or any recipe within that book. I will have plates, napkins and flavor packets for water at the library. We’ll discuss the books that we read and sample everyone’s delicious dishes!

If you have questions,
please call Julie Larsen
at the Humboldt Public Library.

Please click here for a PDF flyer.


Programs and Events

Tom Tierney’s Photography Seminar

Requirements: Please register for Tom Tierney’s photography seminar, which will be held on Monday, June 10th at 6:00 pm.

Where: Event will take place in the Springvale Room at the library.

Details: Humboldt County resident, Tom Tierney, is well known for his photography skills.  Tom will share some of his many works of photography along with tips on capturing the best images.  Whether you are a beginner, or an advanced photographer, plan to attend Tom’s program to hear how you, too, can take awe-inspiring photographs.

Please plan to attend this wonderful seminar!

Call – 332-1925, email:, or stop in the library to register.

Please click here for a PDF flyer.

Display Case Exhibit

The Humboldt Public Library has wedding memorabilia on display this month courtesy of the Humboldt County Historical Museum. The Museum will hold a wedding dress style show and display in June featuring many of its vintage bridal dresses and wedding photos. The date is Saturday, June 22 beginning at 2 PM in the Museum Church.






Quilt of the Month


Our May quilt is from the collection of Ronnie Rork, titled, Reflections Quilt.