Humboldt Reads!

Humboldt Reads! News: In September, due to Julie attending Performers’ Showcase, Humboldt Reads! does not have a book selection to discuss.  However, Humboldt Reads! attendees have chosen to meet at Pasquale’s on Thursday, September 20th at 5:30 PM to discuss favorite books that they have read, or are reading.  Please feel free to join Humboldt Reads! friends on the 20th of September at Pasquales for conversation, book talk and a delicious meal at the attendee’s expense.  October Humboldt Reads! selection (please see below) is now available for check-out.

An enjoyable hour with an informal dinner and interactive book discussion!

Please join us for our October Humboldt Reads!  It will be held on Thursday, October 18th, 5:30 pm at Pasquale’s in Humboldt, IA.  Attendees pay for their meal choice, and no pre-registration or monthly commitment is required.

This month’s selection is To Capture What We Cannot Keep by Beatrice Colin.

“A provocative, shimmering novel about the sacrifices love requires of all of us ….

In February 1886, few options are available to a woman without a husband or an inheritance. So when Caitriona Wallace finds herself widowed and impoverished at only thirty years old, she must fend for herself.

She accepts a position as a chaperone to two wealthy young Scots, Alice and Jamie Arrol, accompanying them on a tour of Europe.  And in Paris, Cait is swept into a relationship unlike any she has known before.  On a hot-air balloon ride, she meets Emile Nouguier, a designer of the Eiffel Tower, the most controversial building of its time.

Their first encounter is laced with possibility, but back on firm ground, their vastly different social strata are clear to both of them. As the Eiffel Tower rises, a marvel of steel and air and light, the subject of extreme controversy and a symbol of the future, Cait and Eile must decide if their love is worth overthrowing everything.”

Note:  Please return your copy by its due date so others may enjoy this month’s selection.  Attend Humboldt Reads! and you are welcome to a copy of the book by stopping in the library and requesting a copy after joining our discussion.

Please click here for a PDF flyer.

If you have questions,
please call Julie Larsen
at the Humboldt Public Library.