Display Case Exhibit


Amish romance novels have become a popular part of Christian fiction. Our library has almost 200 books with an Amish theme; confirming this is an interest for our readers. Amish romance novels provide a glimpse into the daily life and seeming simplicity of this group. We wanted a display to show that Amish people are more than just characters in a book, or words on a page.

The Amish inspired display uses simple kitchen utensils, canning supplies and an Amish/Mennonite recipe book. An old window is used to showcase different pictures of Amish life. There is information about Amish tours available only a couple of hours from Humboldt. The tours include visiting Amish farms, roadside stands and merchants selling baskets, furniture, jams, rugs, quilts and baked goods.

Maybe the recipe that’s posted for Coffee Soup interest you enough, that you check out an Amish cookbook or a book on canning. Books can entertain you, inform you, help you create, and be the start of a journey to find out more.